donderdag 24 maart 2016

Today is D-DAY  !!
I was extremely excited for this moment.

I got up, still felt sorta crappy, troat, nose etc...
went downstairs and met up with the english and german girl from last night.
We had breakfast and lunch and talked about pretty much everything for 5 hours straight. My back started hurting again. Why? I did not listen to the doctor and had a few drinks last night... When someone tells you not to do something it's so much more likely to be doing it..... right?

Eventually we parted ways and I went out to get ... my motorcycle!!!!!
I arrived at the place around 16:00

Everthing seemed in order until I had to pay. They don't take cash (which is rare in Japan). I gave my mastercard, entered my pin, ...ERROR

From the gestures and japanese mumbling I could make up that my card did not have high payment enabled. That or my pin was wrong...

It took a long time, many pin enterings. I started worrying about my card getting blocked... so I looked up deutsche bank tokyo and found out they had an office 5km from here. Next thing I know, she is calling someone and giving all my mastercard information.

I wait some more...
She comes up to me - yes everything in order!!
In terrible english she explained that she had the limit raised (I think)

I was like superrelieved. Imagine not having the bike I always dreamed I'dd ride.........

So finally at around 17:00 I'm driving trough Tokyo.
Or rather.. crawling... the traffic jams were terrible.
Driving trough the middle in a strange country where right is left?
No way (not much anyway 😃)

So around 18:30 (!!!) I'm right outside Tokyo, my fingers, nose and lips frozen.
But still with a big smile. This bike is everything I dreamed of and more.
Such a smooth and pleasant ride 😆

The original plan was to go straight too Nagoya to meet a Belgian friend who is appearently getting married there...
This plan was an absolute no-go without dinner and better cold-protection.
So I spend over half an hour looking for good and cheap places to stay near where I was and in the direction of where I was going.

Yokohama central hostel was my best bet! I booked the wrong night (lol) and went there to drop my stuff and find some great chicken, beef and nuts in chinatown.
Then, finely, I updated this blog!!

Thanks guys for following my blog, I hope it's a good read.
Please feel free to leave comments. I'll gladly respond 😆

Expect some more pictures of my kickass ride 😎

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