vrijdag 25 maart 2016


This blog starts yesterday.
After chinese food and empty chinatown I thought my evening had surely come to an end. So I went back to my hostel.
It is the smallest I have ever been too. Like most japanese, not a word of english...

So in the hostel at midnight I meet Brycey, an australian guy from Melbourne and Maru from USA, Mississipi.
We hitted off real nice, I loved 'em right off the bet. Mary even lives here and has a great businessplan goinh on.
They had great stories to tell. I learned a lot about a lot. 😁

Soo for today I had a great and ambitious plan: take the bike and drive 400km west to Nagoya. Because appearently a belgian friend of mine is getting married there tomorrow (I discovered this when I asked if I could crash at his place.. 😆). He has lived in Japan for over 2 years now.

So I get ready, dress as warm as I could and left. It would be about 4h driving.
So here is a pic of me after 1h30 driving:

Its a good thing pictures dont capture motion or you'dd see how I'm close to hypothermia.
Yes. It was COLD. Awesome bike, awesome view while driving. But feeling bodyparts slowly dying takes away 'some' of the romance...

It was so bad I decided to cut my trip short. The risk of very bad things happening was something I did not need right there.
So after like 7k ¥ of toll 8 more to buy shinkansen ticket. Which is basicly a bullettrain that reaches speeds over 300km/h.

I managed to arrive in Nagoya by 18h. Just in time to join my friend and his other belgian friends for dinner. They came over for the marriage ceremony.

So I mingled with them and had a great evening. (Apart from my voice slowly slithering into nothingness, intense pain when swallowing and still that same. wretched. backpain.)

We had great food, good laughs and ended in the hotel's onsen. Which is the japanese model of wellness. Sauna, washing, hot and cold baths.

Here we were playing paper, stone, scizzors to see who would have to eat the raw wasabicoated octopuss. The soon to be wed came up with game and lost 😁

In an attempt to conquer the pains I took backmassage and feet massage at the vapsule hotel.
I was very relaxed, but within the hour in more pain.

All around this day was intense. I had to drag myself trough it. But it was nice 😊

Wether a day was good or bad is all about perspective. My body is in hell, my mind in heaven. Sorta like Yin and Yang.
Or not.

It is so nice to meet new and interesting people everyday. Not having plans also means there is no pressure, I go where the current takes me.

Tomorrow: a traditional japanese wedding!

Oh today I witnessed epic burger on sale and got a glimps at whats in a japanese fridge. Randomness 😅

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  1. Leuke blog! Het blijft telkens interessant om te lezen wat ge aan het uitspoken zijt! Altijd wel benieuwd om te volgen ;)

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