donderdag 24 maart 2016

***Warning*** this blog-entry contains extreme forms of explicit and offensive material.
Proceed at your own discretion.


Because of lack of batteries and abundance of social interaction, updates are slower then usual.

Lets catch up! Why english all of a sudden?
By popular demand. By one person. Yes, it is a girl. 😅

So yesterday I got up early, because my back hurt badly..
I went to the reception to ask for an adress to meet a physician or chiropracter.
They made an appointment for me and gave me directions.

Following the advice of a London girl I met in the hostel the other night, I decided to go to the gamer's district and found out about Japanese Hentai (which is basicly japanese porn in comic-form).. It.. I... Uhm..
See for yourself:
is this... children's.. porn?!


I guess the closed nature of japanese peoples makes fantasies more... extreme.

Moving on...
She also pointed me to a tiny shop with a big load of really really old games and gameconsoles. It was nice to be reminded of the good old days 😊

Around noon I went back to the hotel because i felt worn out. The backpain was still as strong as day one and my troat and nose still hurt a lot.
So i decided to respect my body and rest/slept for 3 hours with Shpongle-music in my ears. When I woke Manami texted me that she went to the hospital with the same symptoms as me. They told her she had a fever and most likely the flu.
Yea... that explained why I felt so terrible, haha!

So finally I went to the chiropracter. And boy was I glad I did. He explained to me how my bad posture caused my frequent neck and shoulder pains, and how my lower backpains are related to my hips not sitting in their rightful place.
so he pushed and cracked a bunch of things, told me about good posture and pressure points and gave me excersices to avoid these pains in the future. He continued to explain I should avoid alcohol for a few days, which seemed easy, because I only drank 4 units for my entire stay, plane included.
I was in shock and aw at the great deal I got here...

this haircut of mine... *embarrassed* as the japanese would say 😁

This was until I wanted to pay....
Since my parents raised me to be very careful with cash abroad, I checked my cash right before I entered the chiropracter's room.

'That will be 8000¥ (65€) please, would you like to pay by creditcard?'

I open the pocket with my money, passport and other valuebables to find out everything was scrambled and the money... missing (68.000¥....)
My mind started racing for a good strategy.
How will i get them to give my money back?

I realised I had to give them opportunity to put it back and I knew they would play the dumb card. So I decided to look my doctor strictly in the eyes, giving the assistant space to set things right. I kept repeating how I was a 100% sure I came in with the cash and mentioned that calling the police was my best option.

After a while of back and forth talking, him asking me how much I had with me (thank god I had a good idea), checking my pocket again and checking the crate where I had to put my stuff, he suddenly asked to check all my other pockets. (I have a strict each pocket has certain purpose system for the sake of not losing things.) I checked the other pockets and ... voila: my cash nicely folded.

I was stunned, wad it there form the beginning because I somehow screwed my pocketsystem? Did the assistant actually put it back while talking?

One thing is for sure, I was extremely embarressed. After all I may have made wrong accusations..

Glad that I wasn't robbed, I went back to the hotel where I was invited to eat Takoyaki. Which is eggbased.. something. Sorta like panckes but in a ball.

Here I met some cool germans, a canadian guy and an argentinian guy.
Great stories, good fun. Near the end of the evening a core group remained.
Lateron a yopparai japanese guy joined in and made the eve all the more fun.
we shared music and had many laughs. It was hilarious to see how the german girl (who also felt ill) had to literally find cover to avoid getting kissed.. Some guys fail to grasp to concept of subtle flirtuation... or they were just drunk. Maybe both.

There, since you guys did not receive updates for 2 days, I decided to make this one more thoroughly. Hopefully the wall of text was endurable!

Tune in for more... in like 30 minutes 😂

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