dinsdag 29 maart 2016

turning sadness around!

This day was all wrong..

I looked up a hostel and another and another. Everytime when I got there it turned out I could not park my bike and had to wait real long for check-in.

So from 11 to 14 I wasted time looking for a place...
I guess not planning in advance will sometimes lead to this...
The I finally found an ok place. I parked my bike illegally because appaerently thats the only way to get rid of it (you can't even park in garages for cars....) and went for some food because check-in was not happening within the next hours.

I got a chickensteak, 'cause it sounded cool. Then I found a meeting app called Stout. The first girl that spoke to me was very direct. She asked for my facebook right away and then my skype.
Once we were on skype she wanted a videocall asap. Next thing she asked was "can i see your cock". At this point I feared a con, this was very strange...
So expecting her to leave I asked for something in return. She got fully naked right away....
This is where I realised something was not right. I twisted the conversation into -work hard, get some. And suddenly she gave up....

I'm glad I realised it was probably a con and didn't end up in blackmail situations....
Nice nakedness though 😅😉

Then when I finally got to my hostel I felt sad. Like a bit depressed.
Maybe because I missed Vicky, maybe just random sadness. It was annoying anyway...

So I asked for advice from people I met while being here.
Someone came up with the lumeous idea to search for Asahi dream. This is, according to her, a great seasonal beer.

So I started walking and find it in the very first store.... So much for a challenge...
Awesome beer though! I really enjoyed it.
I walked on and ended up in a traditional japanese restaurant. i made sure I had a conversation with every guest there 😆😆
It was great fun and they had awesome sake which came in a cup in a small crate.
They fill it up and let it overflow into the crate. you basicly get 2 shots 😁

Afterwards I went back to the hostel. I Had a talk with a fillipinean girl, a japanese girl and a belgian girl all trough chatting and voicing. It was very nice!
I felt like the whole experience was meaningful to me. As if I had made some steps towards a brighter future... Eventually I fell asleep.
My sad day turned into a glorious one. I was so happy...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Good job turning a down day around! Bad job on your drinking ... i take it your body and spirit are healed ;)?

  2. Good job turning a down day around! Bad job on your drinking ... i take it your body and spirit are healed ;)?

  3. It has been a healing experience yes!