dinsdag 29 maart 2016

Back to ryukan

So the next morning I wake up late (which is rare for me in this country) and decide to followup on the advice the owner of the ryukan gave me the day before.

Turns out it is a 2h15m drive, with backpack on. But I'm feeling sharp! 

The first hour is just highways, very exhausting. But luckely the sun is bright, again no hypthermia, thank God!

The second part is amazing. Mountains everywhere.. I take a small pitstop after 1h30m driving to get some 'breakfast'.
In this country convenientstores have very tasty plastic wrapped food!
I got a cheese bacon sandwhich and omelet (yes plastic wrapped..)

When I drove on.. this:

It was a very sweet ride. As I got nearer to my location, my expectations kept rising. There was only one guesthouse/hotel in the area so this could go many ways...

So finally I arrive. I rode past it at first because it is hard to notice from the outside. I go inside, pay 3000¥ (like only 23€..) and get to see my room...
He explains to me that I am the only guest today so I get the best room!

And this is why it is the best room. This is the view from my window:

I was amazed by the beauty I ended up in...

Next I went back into town for food. In a small shop on the way to thesupermarket I met a nice lady who gave me some free food when I only bought one drink. She was so kind..

Back at the guesthouse the owners offered me some of this:

tasty squid with sojasauce

So we shared food and drinks and we had some good talks. They asked a lot about my profession and were enthousiastic about my working methods. They said Japan needed psychologists like me. I felt flattered!  😀

The next morning I woke up to this:

Thats the view from my bed.. 😃

Okay thats enough for today. More soon!!

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