dinsdag 29 maart 2016

back to Tokyo

So the next day I got up real early and took the shinkansen back to Mishima, where I left my bike. On the way there I made this awesome picture.

Instead of staying there I decided to drive all the way back to Tokyo to cheer up Vicky. This german girl I met my second night in Tokyo, had been sick for almost her entire holiday. I felt sorry for her and decided to take her for a ride on the bike. On the way to Tokyo I passed by Mt. Fuji again, it was much nicer then the picture above but I was on the highway so no pictures.. 😯.
We went to Ueno park where I got to see the Sakura much better.

There was a spring event as well. So it was crowded, lots to eat (i had hot potato with butter and salt.. yummy). There was even an orchestra, and you could stand in line to play maestro! There was also a lane with marked places like parking lots but for.. people.
You could claim your parking space and sit for drinks, food and social conversation.

Because she was so happy that I came back for her, she booked us a ryukan.
Which is basicly a very traditional japanese hotel. No furniture, and special matrasses to sleep on. It was very good, I was very grateful. So once again I had girl company. No complaints!

Her previous relationship also went south. So we had a lot to talk about. It turned out te be a great evening of talking and sake.

I should also mention the bikeride was a lot more fun. It was much warmer, so I did not freeze. I really enjoyed the ride.
Also, I finally understand why japanese people speed so much on highways and less in cities. All highways demand toll and thus are expensive. A result of this is that they do not give tickets for speeding here. You pretty much drive as fast as you like.

Rules dictate that you drive 60 or 80 km/h on highways. The reality is everyone drives 100-120 km/h. Like it is in miles.... 😂

And thus I conclude another day.

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