zondag 3 april 2016

Today is the last day in Japan. Right now the final hours, which i choose to spend in the airport.

As usual I had nothing planned. The things I did have planned got cancelled. So no sakebar and no meeting Manami... 😦

I had to help out a friend in need but will not zoom in on this by his request.

I did however meet a girl who invited me to 'a glow in the dark meet at sakuralane' event. This turned to be awesome..
Unfortunately the pictures are blurry because of the nightly hour.

There is plenty more, but I am deadtired and feel the after holiday blues already..
I will list some more pictures to give you a sense. It will be updated when I'm at full capacity. Rest assured, the last days were great.

awesome people..

Great views..
New.. York?

 and penisses ofcourse 😁😁

Thanks for tuning in so far. Finalisation may or may not follow. I hope you enjoyed being part of my trip!


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