vrijdag 1 april 2016


Because this guesthouse was so great it is the only place so far that I booked a second night. The view but also the hosts made me want to stay. I got free food several times (even at a local supermarket where I only bought one drink...).

I present to you one of the final pictures I took of this wonderful region. The nature here is overwhelming.

So as planned the day before I would go back to Tokyo by taking a detour in Kawaga. Here I would meet my guide for the day. I was a few hours late though 'cause I got a mail saying my flight to Brussels was cancelled...
After some back and forth mailing i got a flight the same day to paris. Booked Thalys and all was well again!

So onto Kanagawa!
My Japanese friend had taken the time to think of a nice route to take to see some very old and authentique housing. First we had to drive there though..

Then we saw some old-style japanese houses dated from 1850-1910.

 women wearing traditional kimono's. It is considered very sexy in Japan.

traditional soft icecream based on potatoes. It tastes great!

traditional restaurant where I had Udon curry with shitake. Udon is a sorta slow cook pasta in hot soup with added flavour

and ofcourse Sakura - the famous spring cherry blossoms

At the end of the day my guide wanted to thank me (?) so he gave me a bottle of sake he acquired in Okinawa. Which is a southern japanese island many kms away. 
Arigatou gozaimasu!!

At the end of the day I needed to find a place to sleep. The japanese friend had to work real early, so that was no option.
It turned out to be a very expensive night. For some odd reason over 90% was booked according to booking.com

Luckely I had found some company... 😆

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